CRA Chapter 42 – part 1

Well thrown The palm-sized ice ball flew towards its target, pushed forward by an invisible force. But because the ability wielder did not yet have full control of his own strength, the ball lost its momentum and ultimately fell to the ground before reaching its destination. Following the clicking sound of the ice ball hitting … Continue reading CRA Chapter 42 – part 1


No update today

I’m sorry for the late notice. When I got home today I discovered that my cat was hurt. He has probably been in a fight. We are taking him to the vet right now so I will probably be unable to translate today. I will update like usual next Friday. Again, sorry.


I did say that the poll would be open until Thursday. But after a lot of contemplating, I have decided to remove Villian Rehab Plan from my website and not continue to post Bonbon’s translations. The matter became very complicated very fast. It was a bit too much drama for me. My updates were removed … Continue reading Announcement