CRA Chapter 40 – part 2

"Be good, don't cry Gale." Xie Tao touched the ice blue tail of the mermaid cub in his arms and firmly held onto him as he unconsciously moved slightly from side to side to soothe him. His shirt collar in the cub's grasp had already been wrinkled by his strong grip, but Xie Tao did … Continue reading CRA Chapter 40 – part 2



I did say that the poll would be open until Thursday. But after a lot of contemplating, I have decided to remove Villian Rehab Plan from my website and not continue to post Bonbon’s translations. The matter became very complicated very fast. It was a bit too much drama for me. My updates were removed … Continue reading Announcement

CRA Chapter 38

Golden mark Two crooked ice crystals shaped in the mermaid cub's handwriting. Looking down at these cold ice crystals, which at first glance were quite adorable, the people present did not know whether they should be amazed or laugh. Their club's mermaid cub had not only developed an ability, but it was also a very … Continue reading CRA Chapter 38